Blackout Soundsystem

Naturally, music plays an important role for us. After almost 6 years of organizing events, we have to say that it always was and always will be about music. That’s why we over the years, we established the BLACKOUT SOUNDSYSTEM. What started off as our close “music savvy” friends being forced to play at our events when we we’re broke, soon evolved to a loose collective of likeminded DJs. A team that would show up at each of our shows (even if not scheduled to play, or theoretically studying in Milano) and tear shit down. No matter who we booked for the night: If it was MAXXX from Berlin, PFUND500 & Sweap from Zurich or Tereza, be sure that the Blackout Soundsystem will play as well. By now, they’re among the most sought after DJs in Germany themselves. Talk about progress, baby! With their music and the fun they express while playing it, they made Blackout what it is today. While they play a broad range of music, all of them have their very individual and unique styles. Catch a glimpse of the team below: